Inconsistent Blogging Doesn’t Nullify the Title

I have always been this way. It’s hard to change and I’m constantly trying not to judge myself too harshly.

I am a inconsistent blogger.

I know, the SHAME. I’ve been blogging for years and years, yet I can never stick to a schedule or even post somewhat consistently. Even with this blog that I created at the end of 2016, I haven’t posted since New Year. As more time when on, I felt ashamed that I hadn’t kept up with blogging like I had wanted to.

But then I realised something. I arrived at an epiphany. It doesn’t matter. I can blog whenever I feel like it, even if the mood for it happens in between months. This is my blog and my life, and I’m entitled to be inconsistent.

I read a lot, and whilst this is great for my Goodreads goal, it impacts on how I prioritise my time, and blogging, as the consistently neglected, always falls to the wayside. This doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy blogging, or that I’m not a blogger, just that, for me, my blogging happens in waves.

So is this me stating another unrealistic goal? Am I saying that I’m jumping back on the bandwagon that I keep missing? Not really. I would like to make writing and blogging a higher priority. But there will be no unreasonable promises coming from me. I will not make 2 posts weekly ad infinitum. I will not resign myself to an unsuccessful schedule that will just enforce shame around an activity I enjoy.

Though I am a blogger, just on my own terms. Those being – whenever I feel like it.


8 thoughts on “Inconsistent Blogging Doesn’t Nullify the Title

    1. I think I just get into the trap of idolised blogging and think that I’m not a “REAL” blogger if I don’t post often or read YA, or ARCs. But blogging is for the blogger. There is no standard.


      1. I think it works well for others, but it’s not for everyone for sure. I’ve always prefer blogging or Goodreads. Though I do enjoy watching videos. It’s my TV.

        Sad that it’s not a good fit for you but that just means that you can expand in your comfort zone 🙂 Work with what works for you.


      2. I’m more of a review/discussion gal myself. I don’t love watching hauls but I do see the appeal, especially if they are new releases since it shows what’s up and coming, which I am consistently ignorant about. Though the abundance of hauls encourages excessive book buying and for booktubers that don’t buy that many books or have a problem with showcasing purchases (since it sometimes comes off a little braggy), it’s not that great.

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