This Savage Song | Review


Catchwords – Created Monsters, Mob-Controlled Dystopian, No Forced Romance, Powerful Music, Unlikely Friends, On the Run

A Romeo and Juliet plotline WITHOUT romance?!?!

I have to say that it was actually quite pleasant that the two main characters weren’t forced together in that way. It made the story way more cohesive and fit the character development.

Both Kate and August were well formed characters that had clear motivations and goals. I really enjoyed Kate, who is struggling to raise a torch to her father’s monstrous image but is plagued by anxiety. She feels compelled to be this type of stone-faced leader and has problems processing that maybe that’s not who she truly is.

August, on the other hand, just wants to enjoy his fleeting existence, as a human of course. He too struggles with who he is supposed to be and who he wants to be. He must take souls to survive but he only can retain sustenance from the souls of sinners, so in this way he is not a monster but the hand of justice. Despite this requirement, he still feels controlled by this monstrous nature and wishes for an existence outside the one that has been thrust upon him.

See in this world, monsters are not born. They are created by violent sins. I thought this foundation of the world was super interesting and well thought out. The monsters (human or not) in this world were so real and it’s rare that a book can make make-believe jump off the page.

The only problem I had with this book was that it was too short. As in I would have appreciated more background and character development (especially interaction between Kate and August) before everything got super intense. I guess because this is a first book in a series I will get more but still.

Rating – 4/5 stars