You have found your way to the not-so-secretive ‘About’ section. I can’t pretend to know your motivations for ending up here but I hope I can adequately frame what I am all about with this blog.

This blog was born out of my on-off long-term relationship with book blogging. I started reviewing books around 2012 as a way to fill the void of bookish noise that existed in my life. I also started blogging about books because I love books. The extent of that love can be labelled as either ‘obsessive’, ‘encompassing’, or ‘passionate’. Since I have so much adoration for reading, I love to share it around by discussing the books that have recently tickled my brain.

Whilst this blog grew from my book blogging days, I didn’t want it to be restricted to book related things. I have an over-active mind that loves to engage with floating fancies. Halfway through 2018, I graduated from a law degree and my mind suddenly required a space to flourish. This is that space. I enjoy writing about a wide range of topics from popular culture to gender politics. I want and hope for this blog to be a rendezvous for my thoughts to congregate, no matter whether they take the form of a book review or a personal essay.

Thank you for reading!